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Are you searching for a practical and cost-effective way to train large and small groups of workers? A picture is worth a thousand words. Our training videos deliver important food safety messages in every frame.

Mérieux NutriSciences videos are the perfect fit for your plan. Developed by leading food science experts, our videos provide new hires and experienced employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to produce safe, high-quality foods. Our videos incorporate real-life examples and interactive review sections to keep employees focused and promote long-term learning retention.

New to our digital library is the Aseptic Swabbing Techniques for Sampling the Environment and Equipment Training Program. This program covers the essential topics to assure a thorough understanding of the basic principles and practices for implementing aseptic swabbing techniques. This course combines expert content, outstanding instructional design, and proven adult learning strategies into an interactive and powerful training tool that can be completed in approximately one hour or can be separated into individual modules that can be taught in short sessions.  This instructor lead or self-paced training program is available in English and Spanish.

Our training videos are available as digital downloads or on DVD on a range of topics and languages. Here are just a few more examples of popular themes and titles in our digital library:

Food Safety

    • RFA Food Safety Training for Experienced Employees

RFA Operation Food Safety: Everyone’s Mission

Plant Sanitation

  • Controlling Food Allergens in the Plant
  • Smart Sanitation: Principles and Practices for Effectively Cleaning Your Plant


  • GMP Basics: Avoiding Microbial Cross-Contamination
  • GMP Basics: Employee Hygiene Practices
  • GMP Basics: Guidelines for Maintenance Personnel
  • GMP Basics: Process Control Practices


  • Inside HACCP: Principles, Practices & Results
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Our Experience

Mérieux NutriSciences has extensive experience in developing and customizing training courses for the food industry. If you’re interested in training on a topic not covered on our website, feel free to contact us.