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Environmental Monitoring Implementation Practices and Procedures


Environmental Monitoring Implementation Practices and Procedures 

An Aseptic Swabbing Techniques Training Program for Sampling the Environment and Equipment

Environmental monitoring is an important component in a food safety program. An environmental monitoring program helps companies measure the effectiveness of contamination control measures, such as good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and sanitation in the food processing environment. A well designed environmental monitoring program can be used to detect the presence of foodborne pathogens and indicator microorganisms on food equipment, food contact surfaces, non-food contact surfaces and in the food facility environment.

You play a critical role in ensuring the safety and quality of your product when you collect samples for your company’s environmental monitoring program.

The food safety experts at Mérieux NutriSciences have drawn upon their knowledge of the microbial ecology of food plants to develop this training material. It is our goal to provide you with a comprehensive training program that is both practical and scientifically sound.

While sampling protocols and techniques vary among companies, this program will provide you with practical guidelines to ensure best practices. The 10 part training program was also specifically designed to enable you and your manager to discuss the specific details of your sampling program.

This program can be presented in a large group setting with a facilitator or in single learner sessions. A downloadable digital instructor manual and student manual is included with the program. A certificate is also included to document employee training.

Available in English and Spanish.

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Lesson Topics:

  • Microbiological Concerns and Monitoring
  • Importance of Employee Hygiene and Protective Gear
  • Preparation of Supplies for Sample Collection
  • Preventing Cross-Contamination
  • Overview of the Environmental and Equipment Monitoring Program
  • Aseptic Swabbing Techniques Using Sponges
  • Aseptic Swabbing Techniques Using Cotton Tip Swabs
  • Sampling Varied Surfaces
  • Procedures to Ship Samples
  • Appendix A. EnviroMap