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Mérieux NutriSciences is dedicated to improving food safety and quality through nutritional research, scientific excellence and innovation at every step of the food supply chain.

Food safety and quality testing are at the core of our business as we provide industry-leading expertise to the global food industry. Our scientific analyses are performed by an international network of accredited laboratories, with quality systems exceeding ISO requirements. Despite the inherent challenges involved in staying up to date within a constantly evolving regulatory framework, our laboratories are dedicated to thoroughly understanding both global and local requirements and regulations.

We take pride in supplying the professional services needed to help ensure food safety and quality, from initial conceptual development all the way to retailers’ shelves. From detecting and identifying food-borne pathogens to guaranteeing product stability and nutritional content, we offer a full portfolio of supply chain services.


Food Safety Is What We Do

Mérieux NutriSciences is a food quality global partner — offering testing, auditing, consulting, sensory, training and research services. Any of these diverse services can be customized to meet the specific needs of individual manufacturers, food processors, caterers, restaurants and retailers. For many in the food industry, the decision to outsource food quality testing is simple. For others, it may be difficult to decide between in-house and/or on-site testing and outsourced testing. It is our job to help you make the best decision for your business and help you develop food safety programs that best protect your brand.

We assume the burden of food quality and testing services for you, so you can focus on what you do best — and leave the testing to us. One thing is certain: The volume of analytical testing for food safety and quality is growing steadily and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, and we are uniquely positioned to be your partner in this ever-changing environment.


Rising Demand for Food Safety and Quality

The present rise in demand for food and environmental testing reflects the robust growth in global food and beverage sales, as well as the changing regulatory environment. As you know, while much testing is mandated, some is driven by consumer demand. Consumers are increasingly sensitive, for example, to reports regarding chemical contaminants. Contaminants represent a minefield for food manufacturers and retailers. Sources of potential contamination range from contaminants generated during processing, to environmental pollutants, to natural toxins, to contaminants related to packaging. The substantial growth in U.S. consumption of organic products is an indication of consumers’ rising awareness of — and concerns regarding — possible food contaminants.

In addition to meeting or exceeding mandated benchmarks for food quality, your investment in food safety and quality testing — performed by qualified, dedicated professionals — is a sound investment that will build consumer confidence, while encouraging the retention of loyal customers.


A Full Menu of Food Quality and Testing Services

Mérieux NutriSciences offers a full selection of sophisticated food testing and safety services. These include:

Education services: to help train your employees on topics ranging from microbiology to food safety system management.

Food safety and quality consulting: partnering with you for services ranging from risk assessment to crisis management.

Environmental monitoring: to help you assess — and control — any potential sources of cross-contamination in your manufacturing process.

Contract research opportunities: partnering with your experts to create innovative food products and processes in a streamlined manner.

Sensory and consumer research: to help you identify which innovations work — and which ones don’t — from the perspective of potential consumers. Identify sensory qualities and characteristics that are key components of a given product’s appeal, and gain a more thorough understanding of your typical customer.

Labeling and regulatory services are among the many complex tasks we can help you manage. Our food label consulting service can ensure stringent regulatory requirements are met. These services can be crucial for manufacturers hoping to expand into international markets, where literal translation of existing labels may result in unintended confusion — or worse, inaccurate or negative associations.

Data management services and audits and inspections: to help you prepare for, and meet, stringent requirements for food safety and quality vigilance.


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Mérieux NutriSciences has extensive experience in developing and customizing training courses for the food industry. If you’re interested in training on a topic not covered on our website, feel free to contact us.